The Top 6 Tips to Having Dominant Phone Sex

A phone sex operator’s job is to make a client feel as though she is on the phone with her beloved. To do this, it is important that the operator master several areas.

  1. Have a strong command of the English language. If a client says “I want to see you,” the operator needs to say “I will see you” without hesitation.
  2. Speak slowly and clearly. A client wants to hear words in the same way as she speaks them. It is not a good idea to speak too fast or to slur words together.
  3. Give the client the impression that you are listening to her. The phone should not ring.
  4. Be polite. Do not let your client feel like she is talking to a robot.
  5. Be able to read a script. If you can’t, try to make it up as you go along.
  6. Be professional. If you’re not, your client will know.

A Few Simple Tips on How to Have Dominant Phone Sex

The phone sex industry has a variety of advantages. In addition to the fact that it’s a fun way to spend some time together, it can also provide some excellent financial benefits. This is particularly true for people who are looking to supplement their incomes or even replace a full-time job.

While it is important to note that the industry is not for everyone, it is certainly worth a look for those who are willing to put in the work required to make it successful. Here are a few simple tips on how to have dominant phone sex.

How to Have Dominate Phone Sex – Without Being Creepy

Having phone sex with a woman that you meet in person is one of the most exciting ways to make your sexual fantasies come true. It’s much more fun and fulfilling than reading dirty emails or chatting online, and you get to see her in person, too.

But, if you don’t know how to have phone sex without being creepy, you’re going to sound like a total freak. That’s where this article comes in. I’m going to teach you the basic rules for having a successful, sexy phone sex call with a woman you’ve never met before. You’ll learn how to ask a woman out, how to tell her what you want her to do, and how to act like a gentleman.
The best part is that she gets to pick the conversation, the pace, and the topic. If she’s shy or reluctant, it doesn’t matter, because you can always give her the control she needs. You can even use these tips to have phone sex with an ex, a friend, or someone you meet at a party.

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How to Have Dominant Phone Sex

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How To Have Dominant Phone Sex

  1. Call 1-888-674-5444
  2. Pick up the phone and tell the operator to put you through to the “Hot House” line.
  3. When the customer service rep answers, say: “Hi, I’m a Dominant female looking for a dominant male to dominate my ass. Do you have someone available to come to my house right now?”
  4. Don’t forget to tell them what kind of car you drive, where you live and the area code.
  5. Ask if they have someone available and if he/she has enough experience to handle this type of request.
  6. When the rep answers, ask for the name, number and address of the male.
  7. Tell the customer service representative that you will be out of the office for the rest of the day.
  8. Give them a time frame for when you will call back.
  9. Hang up.
  10. Go for a walk, read a book, take a nap.
  11. When you’re ready to call the Hot House line, dial 1-888-674-5444.
  12. Be patient, Dominant phone sex lines do get busy.

How to Have Dominant Phone Sex

How to Have Dominant Phone Sex

  1. Start by asking yourself if you are interested in having phone sex with a Dominexx or Dominatrix.
  2. Tell her what you want to do, how you want to be fucked and how you want to be humiliated.
  3. Be sure to tell her what she is wearing, what you are wearing, what you have in your hand, where you are and if you have ever been to her place before.
  4. If you don’t know where she lives, tell her, you will be in the area.
  5. Be sure to tell her if you are married, single or straight, bisexual, gay or bi-curious.
  6. If you have a boyfriend tell her that you are cheating on him with a man.
  7. Tell her if you have a girlfriend, tell her that you have been cheating on her with a woman.
  8. If you have a girlfriend and you are with another man tell her that you are cheating on her with a man.
  9. If you are married tell her that you are cheating on her with a man or a woman.
  10. If you are not married tell her that you are cheating on her with a man, a woman, a couple or a threesome.
  11. If you have never been to her place tell her that you are going to go there and get a blow job.
  12. If you have been to her place before tell her that you are going to get a blow job.
  13. If you have been to her place once tell her that you are going to get a blow job.
  14. If you have been to her place
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